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Image Text Search a SEO Game Changer


As Google continues its attempts to make their search engine results be as accurate and valuable as possible, they’re adding a helpful new feature to’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERP): Image Text Search. So, in addition to alt text and filenames, web images will be searchable via any text that might be presented by the graphic.  Meme generation sites must be excited beyond comprehension for this change, right? Likewise, expect to see a ton more footnotes and images of text itself over the coming months as SEOs and webmasters experiment and learn more about image text search.


An update to Google Keep brings new features and a slightly changed interface. Though the Google Play Store still doesn’t indicate the changed features, Android Police broke the news and you can go to the source (link below) to download the official APK file in case the update isn’t there on the Google Play Store when you read this. You can also spot the changes on the Web interface of Google Keep. After installing the app, the first thing you should probably notice is the new orange action bar. Read More

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