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Google Adds Schema Support for Business Contact Phone Number


Finally making the move that so many web developers have been hoping for, Google is adding the option to use markup to add a number of business types of contact information to a site or page. The new markup brings an easy way to display phone numbers, hours of operation, address and more.


Google said they now support showing business telephone numbers for customer service, technical support, billing support, and bill payment. For each phone number you markup, you can specify if it is toll-free, suitable for the hearing-impaired, and whether the number is global or serves specific countries. Technically, you can specify more than those four categories but Google only will display those in the rich snippets. Google has added more details over here.

Hours Of Operation

On your business website’s contact us or branch locator page, you can now include additional markup to address of the business, the phone number, opening hours, and other information.  Read More

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