Theme Zoom and Network Empire Member Consulting

Investment: $100 / hour
Format: Text / Private Consulting Call
Phone call consultation regarding your specific website architectural questions or other topics that extend beyond the scope of the Theme Zoom and Network Empire help desk support.

Online Marketing Consulting

Investment: $300 / hour
Format: Text / Private Consulting Call
Phone call consultation addressing your market positioning, online marketing plan and the technical implementation of the infrastructure for your marketing campaigns, promotion and content syndication.This can include how your positioning is reflected in your specific website silo architecture and in the themes and keywords used for your online marketing campaigns.We can examine and I can recommend changes or additions to your online presence designed to increase your traffic and conversion performance.


Web Business Audit

Investment: $497
Format: Text / Private Consulting Call
I will analyze 100 of the most vital aspects of your web business process. We will reviewed this together in a 30-minute followup call to discuss your concerns and identify solutions. You’ll receive a complete actionable overview with steps to handle your situation. For this modest investment, you can can create a significant increase to your top and bottom line.



One-on-One Online Market Domination Certification

Investment starting at $2,000/day
Format: Text / Private Consulting Calls
Up to 30 days pre-training / One-on-One Training Seminar
Market domination is being in control of the majority of the online properties that buyers will visit during the course of a buying cycle. I offer an advanced workshop focusing on a systematic plan consisting of foundational principles that optimize online marketing across hundreds of platforms. Learn advanced market analysis, research and segmentation; and all the steps between there and your successfully created marketing campaign that insures you the key roll in the conversations your potential buyers are having when deciding which product to buy.


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