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Image Text Search a SEO Game Changer

As Google continues its attempts to make their search engine results be as accurate and valuable as possible, they’re adding a helpful new feature to’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERP): Image Text Search. So, in addition to alt text and filenames, web images will be searchable via any text that might be presented by […]

The Future is Getting Closer

There was a recent article in infoworld about Google Glass’s hardware specs and this is what I find in particularly interesting about them:

“Google Glass is a headset worn like glasses that has a projector for beaming images into the wearer’s right eye, creating an illusion equivalent to viewing “a 25-inch high-definition screen from eight feet away.” That beaming of images…

First Ammendment Rights are Offline

Last weekend under the auspices of “Operation Protect Our Children” the Feds pulled the plug on 10 domains, claiming child pornography issues with the sites. The plug pulling went quantum when one of the domains was found to host over 84,000 websites;  an assortment of innocent small businesses and individuals, having nothing to do with […]

Make This the Best Year Ever

I take self-help stuff these days with a pretty good-sized grain of salt.  I’ve been reading self-help and business success stuff since I was in high school, so I’ve seen and heard pretty much anything that one could say in these types of books and, well…  there are only so many times I want to […]

Maybe Google is NOT Dead !?!

Last fall I wrote an article for the Theme Zoom blog about how I thought Google was dead, with Facebook moving into the realm of search and Google starting to copy Microsoft, it appeared to me that Google had become “established”, and was quickly falling into the ranks of gigantic corporate America, along with the […]